Sunday Services in Church have now resumed but there are changes to the worship pattern:-

9.45am  - Livestream Reflection and Prayer via Facebook Bakewell All Saints.                       This will uploaded to this page by 12pm  

10.30am  - Service in the church building at either Bakewell All Saints OR Ashford in the Water Holy Trinity

Owing to the restricted numbers at Ashford, we will need to operate a booking system. If you would like to consider being able to go to Ashford, please email -                     It will be on a first come basis.

Services for August:-

2nd: The Eucharist - Ashford in the Water 

9th: The Eucharist - Bakewell 

16th: Morning Service - Ashford in the Water 

23rd: The Eucharist - Bakewell 

30th: The Eucharist - Ashford in the Water

For services in Bakewell All Saints church:- 

 Please can you arrive no earlier than 10.20 for the 10.30 service  as  Canon Tony will be broadcasting the live online service from church between 9.45 and 10.20. 

 To ensure that social distancing can be maintained as people gather the sides-people may ask you to wait outside or in the porch.  

  Please use the hand sanitiser in the porch before coming into church 

 There will be no collection made during the service, but offerings can be left on the collection plate which you will find at the bottom of the south door steps. 

 To avoid congestion please go directly to one of the designated pews.   In order to maintain the national Church rules about social distancing you may have to sit in a different pew!  We have been busy with the tape measure to ensure that the designated spaces are 2 metres apart. Only 2 people can be accommodated on each pew -  the places are marked by a pew sheet. If you are the first to sit in the pew please choose the seat at the far end of the pew so that no one has to squeeze past you  to get to their place. 

 The door through the vestry will also be available if easier access is needed. If you plan to use the vestry door please sit on that side of the church. 

 For reasons of safety no books can be books used, the words for service will be on the screen.

 During Communion the sides-people will ensure that social distancing is maintained. You will be asked to  move down the main aisle towards the altar as usual  and then use the side aisles to get back to your seat.  There are 4  kneelers around  the altar, these are just to mark where you can stand to receive communion (kneeling is not currently allowed).

 A one-way system is in place. At the end of the service please move down towards the nave altar and go out through the Newark door. We are not allowed to serve refreshments at the moment and national guidelines discourage us from lingering in the building. 

 The church toilets will be open. Please be good enough to wipe the toilet seat and taps after use with the wipes provided.

 All Saints will be open for individual private prayer on Wednesdays between 9.00am & 4.00pm          And on Sundays where there is no morning service


Church on the Phone-  Morning Worship at Home 
Thursdays at 10.00am.  From Thursday 16 July we will be offering  Church on the Phone as a way of being able to worship together and stay connected with the church family.  We will be using  a telephone conferencing system called WhyPay  which just costs you the  price of a low cost call.  
How does it work?
You dial the main phone number: 0333 0164 757
and then, when prompted type in the Conference Room number:   89684344 #
and then when prompted again, type in the Guest Pin number: 9021#
You are in the ‘room’ with everyone else on the line at the same time. If you are the first to arrive you will hear some music playing and then when a new person arrives you hear a tone. Please say your name  when you arrive so that those who are already there know you have arrived and can say hello.  If you know how to put your phone on ‘speaker’ or ‘hands free’ then that you won’t have to hold your phone.
Once we have all  greeted each other, we then work through the order of service in the normal way.
After the service people can stay on the line to catch up with each other – virtual tea and biscuits! I will be on the line to greet you from 9.50 – so get yourself settled and dial in any time from then. I particularly hope that those of us who are unable to get to church at the moment will enjoy worshipping together in this new way but ALL are very welcome.




Online Worship


9 August    Trinity 9





2 August    Trinity 8


26 July    Trinity 7


19 July   Trinity 6



12 July    Trinity 5

5 July   Trinity 4


28 June    SS Peter & Paul


Virtual Rowsley Well Blessing


Virtual Bakewell Well Blessing


27 June   Virtual Over Haddon Well Blessings


21 June    Second Sunday after Trinity:-


14 June    First Sunday after Trinity:-




7 June  Trinity Sunday:-



Sunday 31 May   The Feast of Pentecost:-


Prayer Walk:-









24 May  Seventh Sunday of Easter:-




21 May  Ascension Day


17 May  Sixth Sunday of Easter:-


Saturday 16 May



10 May   Fifth Sunday of Easter:-



Please use this link below for the VE Day service:-

VE Day.pptx


3 May  Fourth Sunday of Easter:- 




26 April  Third Sunday of Easter:-



19 April Second Sunday of Easter:-




Easter Day:-



Palm Sunday Service:-



Monday Holy Week:-



Tuesday Holy Week:-



Wednesday Holy Week:-


Maundy Thursday:-


Good Friday:-