2021 Christmas Tree Festival

at Bakewell Parish Church 


There may be uncertainties around about various things and concerns about what Christmas 2021 could look like, but the one certainty to look forward to is the magical, thrilling and uplifting Christmas experience of the 2021 Bakewell Christmas Tree Festival at Bakewell Parish Church                               9th – 19th December.

Whilst observing the public health guidelines that may be in place at the time, we welcome you to enjoy the trees exhibited in church, each lovingly decorated by local businesses, schools and groups associated with the local community.

The church will be open for you to wander, take time to enjoy each tree and stay for refreshments.                                        

Times of opening

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday: 9.30am - 4.00pm

Thursday late night: 9.30am - 6.30pm

Sunday: 12.00pm - 4.00pm

*** On Friday 10 December church is closed 3.00-5.00pm for St Anselm's school carol service ***


Events during the Festival

 9 December - Christmas Tree Festival opening service at 7.00pm

13 December - Schools Christingle at 6.00pm

18 December - Choral Society Christmas Concert at 7.30pm

19 December - Carols and closing service at 6.00pm


The feedback from a smaller Festival in 2020 was very positive and, whilst there will be a few more trees, there will be space between them in order to appreciate the decorations.

Free admission with the opportunity during the visit to donate towards the upkeep of our fabulous building.

Mask wearing and social distancing is by choice, but we do ask that if you feel you may have any symptoms that could be related to the Covid virus, you should stay at home.

We look forward very much to lifting your spirits and bringing light and love into your lives as you prepare for Christmas.