March 2018

Dear Friends,

As you are reading this I am hoping that it will be a bit warmer and settled from the squally snow hammering against my window as I write! I know we are accused as Brits of being obsessed with the Weather, but as so many can testify, their moods and even health can be affected by long drab days without much winter sunlight. Then there are the issues around Climate Change, not just within in the UK to do with extreme weather and temperatures, but in the parts of the world below sea level experiencing flooding, or areas experiencing huge wild fires or water shortage (such as Cape Town).

The clear evidence of damage to the environment and sea life as a result of plastic pollution has opened up the debate about our dependency on plastics and whether we should all try and buy things without plastic covering or material. It can be done, but you are really challenged to think, plan and research as to how you can do this on a day to day basis. Yet if we are not challenged to try and make a difference, then nothing will change and the horror predictions of what will happen to this planet will become a reality for our children's children and beyond.

The challenge to bring a new order is at the heart of the Christian Season of Lent and Holy Week. Jesus was commissioned to draw people back to God's truth, love and light- to live not for ourselves, but for each other and to see that when my neighbour suffers, so do I, for we are all made in the image and love of God.

Jesus' journey to unite heaven and earth took him to the Cross of Good Friday. Looking at this through human eyes, Jesus appeared to fail, for a victor can claim the spoils and adulation and certainly would not die to achieve their aims. Through the eyes of God though, Jesus has brought through Good Friday forgiveness of sin, restoration of relationship with God and the knowledge that we are loved eternally by God. It is in and through this love that we are commissioned to share it in living lives that are just, sacrificial, unselfish, compassionate and generous.

Good Friday speaks of love, reconciliation and hope for a world longing for peace and justice. Being thankful for what we have, desiring to share and desiring to make a positive contribution to change people's situations and conditions is the start of a positive response to all that God give to and share with us.


Every blessing

Canon Tony