October 2019

Dear Friends,

Falling leaves, a deeper chill in the air and the clocks going back are normally associated with October, together with the thanksgiving for the harvest of the fields gathered in and at the end of the month the preparation to celebrate the myriads of men and women at rest, who over the ages have dedicated their lives to reflecting God’s light and love through their words and deeds- All Hallows Eve, which is different to the focus on the secular Halloween of ghosts, scary creatures etc.

Unless you have been living in seclusion for the last few months you will be wondering what on earth will happen on 31st October regarding Brexit and whether an acceptable deal will be struck at the eleventh hour to see our leaving the EU, or whether the political arguments (or possible legal ones)will bring further crisis and uncertainty. Whatever the outcome, we need to pray for our leaders for integrity, wisdom and a reminder that they should be committed to ensuring the healing and well being of every community and individual within this nation.

People keep talking about being in unprecedented times and it is difficult to relate to another time in our immediate history when there has been so much turbulence, disunity and nastiness. We need to hold firm to the values that give us an anchor, to the relationships and ways of living that practice respect, courtesy, tolerance and regard for one another, irrespective of whether we consider ourselves, or are labelled Remainers or Leavers. We are all people, formed in the love and image of God- a God who calls us to love our neighbour and to do or say anything to them, that we wouldn’t want them to do or say to us. I hope that this will be something remembered and increasingly practiced as we move towards the 31st of October.

 Canon Tony