Dear Friends

There is no doubt about it, that life is tough at times, and we find ourselves facing all sorts of hurdles, obstacles and challenges that can feel like mountains to climb or potholes to navigate. We are tempted to give in when we feel overwhelmed and even though we know that we should persist, it is hard when you feel tired and fed up.

Good relationships within family and amongst friends can play such an important part in encouraging and supporting us in our times of need and helping us to see the next step we need to make. Some of us are good at recognising where we need support and help, whereas others feel that it is a sign of weakness or people will think badly of us if we admit that we need help and support.

The recent story of how two identical twins were attacked by a crocodile whilst swimming in Mexico and how Georgia Laurie saved her sister by repeatedly punching the crock’s nose until it released her sister, Melissa, is a story of courage, but also resilience and determination.

We might never need to fight off a crocodile, but what is the equivalent of our determination to overcome something- punching the nose of depression, disappointment, stress, anxiety, weariness?

The support, care, compassion, kindness and love we receive and offer can enrich lives, offer hope and impart strength and solution that remind us that we are not an island- our lives are interconnected and we are stronger together than when we are apart. Finding the resilience to overcome challenges and problems we face helps us to stop looking inwardly about what I am thinking and feeling, to recognising the context of living within a human extended family that embraces all humanity and seeking and finding the strength, example and support of others, to enable our lives to flourish again.

Life might be tough today, but tomorrow is a new day with new opportunity and our prayer and desire is to do what we can, and seek the support of others to help us, to embrace a new start that comes with new opportunity. The disappointment, pain, problem etc might still be there, but hopefully it will look and feel a little more hopeful and solvable compared to yesterday.

Loving God, in the challenges and difficulties we face, help us to develop our sense of resilience and appreciate the opportunities to be a good friend and receive the support of others. Help us to make the small steps and resilient moves that take us forward in life, and to we seek your strength, support and guidance. Amen.

With love and prayers


Canon Tony