April 2018

Dear Friends,

May I begin by wishing you a very Happy and blessed Easter. Easter is the most important day for Christians the world over and it stands at the heart of a Christian's faith and response to God through Jesus. For on Easter Day we believe that Jesus not only rose from the dead, but destroyed once and for all the consequence of wrong doing (sin) that created a barrier between God and humanity, created in God's love and image.

That barrier no longer exists because in and through God's mercy we are given the opportunity to live lives that are not just about secular and material accomplishments, rewards and benefits, but about knowing a God who loves us so much that he is prepared to die that we may live. Easter eggs, cards, celebrations, lambs, bunnies etc continue the emphasis on new life, a new beginning, a new start, a fresh perspective on life, especially my own.

Easter is not for a gathered few of the initiated, but for people everywhere. The terrible conflict in Syria, the tension between Britain and Russia, the injustice of unfair trade and the sad reading of young people who in the prime of their life speak of wanting to die because of bullying, stress and anxiety about who they are, reminds us continually of the need and desire for something beyond what we already know or experience.

Faith is just that- it is not a set a series of proven statements or truths, but takes us to the point where we have considered look the evidence, read what is written about God in Scriptures and listened to the  testimony of how God through Jesus has and continues to bring phenomenal change within people's lives and experiences, and then offer our lives to a living and loving God who seeks to bless us, or to walk away and put our trust in the finite that is seen and known.

Is Easter about the life giving and transforming love of God for you, or celebrated for fools on All Fools Day this year? Why don't you give your local Parish Church a try to help you answer that question?

Every blessing

Canon Tony