July 2019


Dear Friends,

I know you are gripped by the Conservative Party search for a new PM and no doubt you are swayed by the various promises to deliver this and offer that. I thought one candidate was being honest in a TV debate when he said that it was wrong to promise tax cuts whilst talking about a Brexit `No deal’ because nobody really knows what will happen and whilst we all want to eradicate poverty and the causes of increased food bank usage, it is immoral to pledge giving or spending money in order to woo support, that you may not necessarily have in the first place.

Trust and honesty are two words that are being used quite a bit in the media to describe people’s frustration about the lack of both things in public life today and wondering if there are such things as honest and truthful politicians. Having met one or two MPs and Local Councillors, I do believe that the majority of people enter politics and public life to try and make a difference to people’s lives and are prepared to make personal sacrifices in order to serve their constituencies. Clearly we have seen some of the worst of Party Politics during the last three years and fear of losing power, seats or position has brought out the worst. Whatever you think of politicians, Brexit and her record and conducting herself as PM, we should acknowledge Theresa May’s honest attempt to fulfil the will of those who voted to leave the EU and have a degree of respect for her integrity and graciousness against the backdrop she has faced.

Jesus once encountered a rich young man who had everything going for him- he was honest, hardworking, generous and respected, but he wanted to know what else he could do to inherit eternal life. Jesus told him that he needed to make a step of trust in God to show that we cannot find ultimate eternal fulfilment from material things or from personal investment in being considered `upright’ alone. Trusting in God is to be open to recognizing our need for his love, strength, peace, healing and forgiveness to work in us in order for us to strive to build the world that God and we desire sand that it isn’t just up to politicians to deliver this vision and reality- we are all in this together.

Every blessing

Canon Tony




We welcome this month into the Churches and parishes in the Benefice, Brenda Jackson and Sally-Anne Beecham, who have both been ordained as deacons at Derby Cathedral on 30th June. This is a very important step in their journey of faith and offering their lives in the service of God. They will be learning what it means to be a member of the clergy, doing some things for the first time and sharing their experience and skills with us all. They are looking forward to meeting you and working with you.

Brenda is already known to many people within the benefice through her teaching career at Lady Manners and ministering as a Lay Reader within the benefice. Sally-Anne has been the Parish Administrator at St Thomas’ Church in Brampton, Chesterfield and she will continue to live in her family home in Chesterfield. She will have an Office at The Medway Centre in Bakewell and details of how she and Brenda can be contacted will be circulated. Sally-Anne’s Curacy placement in the benefice will be for fifteen months and we look forward very much to sharing in her training and ministry, as well as Brenda’s.