March 2019

Dear Friends,

Well, it looks as if Brexit is going to the wire and it might well be a case of who blinks first as to what, if any deal, will be agreed upon. Amidst the political speculation, commentary, concern and feeling fed up with the whole thing, perhaps this is a time when we need to pray for God's intervention to guide and offer wisdom. We do need to pray for the holding together of our nation, our future relationship with our European brothers and sister and for the democratic life of the United Kingdom. 

Before the 29th March comes another opportunity for spiritual reflection and opportunity for stillness before God- The Season of Lent.  It is more than giving up chocolate. Lent offers space and opportunity for stripping away some of the stuff that bogs us down in life and traps us. It can be a time for a spiritual MOT - a cleaning of the filters that block out God's love; a changing of the oil to enable us to recognise the gifts of God's Spirit itching to get to work within our lives and offering us energy; the gift of patience; the opportunity to be even more kind, gentle, compassionate and generous with other, and space and time to be still, to wait on God and hear his voice of reassurance, calm and love. 

Lent is about putting right a relationship with ourselves- acknowledging our faults, regrets and things that haven't worked out- letting them go, receiving forgiveness from God and abandoning some of the baggage that weighs us down on our journey through life. it is also about renewing or even beginning a relationship with God, who loves us so much that he is prepared to do anything he can for us to know and love him, even when it meant watching his Son, Jesus, dying on a cross to bring us freedom from the consequence of sin and the promise of a relationship that goes beyond our death.  

Ok, so we might feel indifferent about institutional religion, the Church. We want to keep it open if there was a threat of closure, or a leaking roof, but wouldn't want to go into it for a Service. But, Lent invites you to give it a try- to spend a bit of time with God and see where that could lead. Perhaps your concern about all things Brexit might lead you just to come in to church and light a candle for sanity, peace, the right decision, and for us to come together. 

Every blessing 

Canon Tony