Through Mission Action Planning we have been seeking God’s way for his church here at All Saints’.

Our Mission Action Plan for 2016

Our Mission Action Plan for 2016 contains a series of actions to achieve the following vision:

  • We will continue to build a lively, thriving and loving church community.
  • We will reach out beyond our church community to demonstrate, by our actions, God’s love as a force for good in our community and the world.
  • We will maximise the potential of the church building for worship, ministry and outreach.

(The full Mission Action Plan is available on request)

Our Vision for 2020

Each year’s Mission Action Plan is working towards our long term vision, that by 2020: 

We will have built up our Church Community in discipleship, teaching and prayer by developing:

  • Traditional and Fresh Expressions - in ministry & worship
  • An every member ministry - involving both Lay and Ordained people
  • An approach for All Ages

We will have reached out beyond our current congregation, both locally and worldwide by:

  • Becoming a Hub for Mission
  • Serving our Local Community
  • Working with other churches in Bakewell

We will have a new Approach to Administration, which is:

  • Cooperative across the Benefice
  • and includes both resources and finances

We will have improved the use of our Church Building.

(The full Vision Document is available on request).

For more information on our Mission Action Plan contact:

Canon Tony